High quality photographic shooting of paintings and graphic works of art for visual arts professionals (artists, art dealers, museums, galleries, magazines & art editions, etc.).

Mark the minds of the people who really matter (journalists, art dealers, curators, publishers …), thanks to the spectacular and exclusive quality of our photographs (reproduction) of your graphic works of art:

  • Colors and contrasts very faithful which value the original;
  • Photographs without brilliance even for varnished or lacquered works;
  • Photographs devoid of any parasitic reflection for works presented under glass…

Our exclusive know-how is based on tools that we have developed and patented and on a shooting protocol modeled on the specifications of the {BNF (National Library of France) concerning the reproduction of opaque documents for the creation of images archives (Référentiel de numérisation de documents opaques du 11 Juillet 2014 – Bibliothèque Nationale de France).

Our best publications …

Museum of Fine Arts of Marseille, Maurice Denis Museum (Saint-Germain-en-Laye), Museum of the Arts of Toulon, Museum Palais Lumiere (Evian), Ed Flammarion, Ed. Somogy, Oak Ed, “Paris Musée” on behalf of the “Petit Palais” (Paris), Le Figaro Culture (web)…

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